Xuxa says she has never used drugs and fans want her to have 1980's body

Xuxa Meneghel

Xuxa Meneghel

  |  Thiago Duran/AgNews

Even Sasha has already invited her to try weed, she tells in an interview

"Mom, are you sure you don't want to taste weed?", said Xuxa, 56, to Luana Piovani, 42, during the last edition of Luana É de Lua, aired by channel E! this Tuesday (20).

The hostess recalled the day when her daughter Sasha invited her to try the drug, but the eternal queen of the little ones stated that she had never tried anything. "I don't drink because I don't like to drink, I don't smoke because I don't like cigarettes. I never used drugs. I never even tasted marijuana, "said Xuxa.

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