Portugal, the paradise for the famous

Portugal, the paradise for the famous

João Silva/Global Imagens

Madonna thought that a €50 bill did not pay for a glass of Moscatel de Setúbal. Monica Bellucci waves whenever someone smiles at her on the street. Eric Cantona does not dispense the French croissant and, after having breakfast, never leaves without delivering his tray. Stories of celebrities who fell in love with Portugal.

Cláudia is more than accustomed to how busy the esplanade is, a dozen quiet tables, strategically placed in the middle of the Chafariz das Janelas Verdes staircase in Lisbon, overlooking a pleasant square, scattered on the hill. She is so accustomed to it that a few months ago, when she saw an extravagant figure, with bright blond hair and sunglasses covering part of her face, she did not even flinch. "I did not even notice it was her. Only when I went to serve her and she pulled her glasses up did I realize that it was Madonna," says the clerk, amidst the hustle and bustle of a space that is both a restaurant and a bakery.

She recalls it well. It is not every day that one of the greatest artists on the world is your costumer. But for those who live or work there, almost right next door to the National Museum of Ancient Art, the presence of the pop diva is no longer new. Since January, everyone knows that the singer, now 60, walks through these streets. She and her children (David Banda, Mercy James, Esther and Stella, four of the American's six children).

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