Candidate of Minas Gerais displaces 26 competitors and is elected Miss Brazil 2019

On a night marked by messages of female empowerment, Júlia Horta, a candidate from Minas Gerais, was elected the most beautiful woman in the country.

She received the crown, valued at 52 thousand Brazilian Reals, from the hands of Amazonian Mayra Dias, formerly holding the title, and took home jewelry from Vivara, seven days with a companion at the Serra da Estrela hotel in Campos do Jordão, an MSC cruise on the beaches of the Northeast and the opportunity to represent Brazil in the Miss Universe contest.

With an impeccable parade, the beauty won the artistic jury formed by the stylist Alexandre Herchcovitch, the beauty stylists Marcos Proença and Wanderley Nunes, the businesswoman, activist and model, Luiza Brunet, the CEO of Lacoste, Rachel Maia, Miss Brazil 2007 and businesswoman, Natália Guimarães, journalist Mônica Salgado, youtuber Taciele Alcolea, journalist Ricky Hiraoka and businesswoman and model, Leila Schuster.

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