"We want to open doors for Lusophone artists in China"

One of the founders, local painter Ieng Tai Meng, speaks of bringing Portuguese-speaking artists to the market and the art lovers of mainland China, beginning with the Guangdong - Hong Kong - Macao Greater Bay Area.
Ieong also wants to give local talents more oportunities so that they can shine abroad and learn from contact with artists at international shows. And he leaves a suggestion to the government: to create annual prizes to distinguish local artists that stand out internationaly in several areas, in a similar way to what happens in sports field.

- You're of the founders of the Association of the China, Macau and Portuguese-speaking Countries Artists Association. How did this project came up?
Ien Tai Meng - The main goal is the cultural and artistic exchange between China, Macau and Portuguese-speaking countries. On the one hand, to take artists from China and Macau to visit the Portuguese-speaking countries to exchange ideas and techniques and, on the other hand, to bring artists from Portuguese-speaking countries to visit Macau and to hold exhibitions in mainland China. There is an immense potential here for the Chinese to know the culture of African countries, Brazil and Portugal. This is the spirit of cultural exchange.
- What do you expect from Macau and local authorities?
I.T.M. - There is money in Macau so we can help Lusophone artists with less capacity, especially African artists, to reach the mainland market. These artists would thus have the opportunity to exhibit outside their countries and to be known in China. The Association's mission is to help these artists. And, of course, we also want to promote artists from Macau and mainland China in the Lusophone space, creating travel and exhibition opportunities.