"Politicians should marry art so they have a sense of what they lead."

António Tomás Ana

António Tomás Ana

The artist, António Tomás Ana, with over 40 years of career, defends the presence of artists in the political parties of the country.

The sculptor, with an international career through exhibitions and pieces sold to various parts of the world, intends to inaugurate in 2020 his Cultural Center in Chicala II, Luanda municipality. According to him, the space was built to contribute to the development of the country, through the debate on philosophical matters, in which the participants can share ideas. He intends to inaugurate the Cultural Center next year.

What is this place's scope?

The center will probably open in the second half of next year and is located in Chicala II, in Luanda. It has two floors, and in the bottom floor will host the offices. On the first floor we will have the "Workshop of Ideas", where debates will be held on philosophical issues, while the library will operate on the second floor and will be equipped with books, mostly of philosophy. We will also have a suite to accommodate the various individuals, as scientists that come to do their research work.

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