New museum wants to end domestication of female art

Institution in Lisbon will be dedicated to Lusophone artists and should open its doors on November 25.

While researching for her doctoral dissertation at New York University 30 years ago, aesthetic teacher, curator and writer Katia Canton discovered that the story of Little Red Riding Hood had gone through a brutal asepsis process: in the older versions, the Wolf devoured Grandma and Little Riding Hood, without any possibility of salvation, since the hunter did not exist in the plot.

Canton thinks a similar process of domestication takes place with art exhibitions about women. According to her, almost all favor gender, the old men vs. women Fla-Flu.

Chosen to direct Mima (International Women's Museum - Association), which will open in Lisbon, she wants to make a more political tone on show from a tripod: sustainability, violence and the fashion industry.

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