Vanessa Teodoro's lines in China

It all began with an artistic residence in China. Since then, trips to the East have been frequent. Her next project will be for the second largest mall in the world. In China, of course.

She is one of the few women street artists in Portugal. Vanessa Teodoro, 35, has created a lot of works for the luxury segment, but she would not like to be labeled like that. It has happened almost by accident, she says. This includes works for the new Louis Vuitton store in Lisbon and for Jaguar. And also for luxury stores in China - a country which, almost unintentionally, became a recurring destination for her works.

Her first contact with China happened through an artistic residence in 2017. Her work drew some attention and a local gallery - which also has a communication agency - became her agent. She soon started doing a lot of works in China.

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