From Italy to Chiado. In the "Italians Church" an exhibition pays homage to the "Madonna di Loreto"

The "Tecer a Esperança" exhibition opens this Saturday at the São Roque Museum in Lisbon. An exhibition celebrating the 500 years of the Church of Loreto in Chiado, founded by Italian merchants in 1518.

To celebrate the five centuries of the founding of the "Italians Church" in Lisbon, the traveling exhibition "Tecer a Esperança" ('Weaving Hope' in English) leaves Italy, where it has been traveling for the last two years, and arrives to Portugal in an exclusive edition dedicated to "Madonna di Loreto" or Our Lady of Loreto.

The exhibition shows artistic-handcrafted creations designed to dress the wooden images present on the altars of several Italian churches. These are garments, some with more than 200 years and others more recent, which "change according to the liturgical calendar and take on an even richer and more magnificent aspect during certain dates and festivities, when the images are carried in procession through the streets of the villages".

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