Found in Amsterdam a painting of Picasso stolen 20 years ago

"Bust of Woman" was stolen from a Saudi sheikh's yacht. It was valued at four million dollars, in 1999. Currently, it can cost 25 million.

Picasso painted "Bust of Woman" a year after "Guernica" in honor of Dora Maar, a French artist with whom the painter had a relationship. More than six decades later, in 1999, the picture was stolen in France, on the Arab sheikh's yacht Abdul Mohsen Abdulmalik. Now the work was given back in Amsterdam, according to El País .

It was in March of 1999 that the yacht Coral Island anchored in Antibes, in the south of France, ready to sail to Barcelona. The "Woman's Bust" was stored in a prominent place on the boat, accompanied by another Picasso and a Matisse. After the robbery, the owner offered a reward of 400 thousand euros to anyone who found it, but the whereabouts of the painting remained hidden from the police and the sheikh's detective for 20 years.

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