Corto Maltese returns in prequel form

Corto Maltese returns in prequel form


Corto Maltese, one of the most famous sailors in the world of comics, is back with 'Tarowean Day', a new adventure by Spanish duo Juan Díaz Canales and Rubén Pellejero, who shed light on an unknown period in the character's life.

Madrid-born writer Díaz Canales and Catalan designer Rubén Pellejero explore the sailor's adventures shortly before the first story of the saga ('The Ballad of the Salty Sea', 1967) created by Italian Hugo Pratt, who published twelve Maltese albums before passing away in 1995. In that inaugural story, Corto Maltese, known for his cap, sideburns and slanted eyes, is first seen lost in the Pacific Ocean, hanging on to a piece of wood.

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