"Welcome, Lisbon." The surprise of 'Money Heist' and the call from Marcelo

It was with humor that the Netflix account in Portugal announced a new member of the gang of thieves of "Money Heist", whose third season begins at July 19.

""Welcome, LISBON! Now this gang is complete!!", can be read in Netflix's post on Twitter, written this Thursday. Raquel Murillo, which was up to now an investigator of the Spanish police joins the famous gang of thieves, of the series Money Heist, led by the "Professor".

The advertisement was made in a very original fashion. In the same post, a short video is presented in which there is a simulated call from Belém, Portugal. On the other side, there's a voice imitating Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, President of Portugal. "Hello, Raquel, I'm the Professor," one can hear in the call. "I'm the professor, but not your professor. The true Professor of Portugal", he clarifies.

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