The second season of 'The Mechanism'

'Elite Squad' director José Padilha

'Elite Squad' director José Padilha

  |  Leonardo Soares/Folhapress

The second season launch of the Netflix hit show 'The Mechanism' (which will premiere on Friday, May 10) was dominated by politics

The second season deals with the corruption scandals that have recently swept the country. Director José Padilha, an Operation Car Wash enthusiast and Judge Sérgio Moro fan, began by slamming Bolsonaro's Minister of Justice and comparing him to a sliced salami.

Commenting on Moro's position in the government, Padilha said that "if he's smart, he should deeply regret the choices he made." "Bolsonaro does not have a majority in Congress and must negotiate to pass his reforms. He is using Moro as a bargaining chip. Moro went from national hero to sliced salami, offered in pieces to the establishment in order to pass the Social Security reform."

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