Ricardo Araújo Pereira returns to SIC and "Governo Sombra" accompanies him

No details have yet been released about the new show the comedian will present on the TV station, but "Governo Sombra" will resume at SIC later this month.

The comedian Ricardo Araújo Pereira will premiere a new political satire show at SIC , announced this Friday the television station from Paço de Arcos. And arrives accompanied by the "ministers" of "Governo Sombra", Pedro Mexia and João Miguel Tavares.

About the new project, SIC gave no further details, but the political commentary of Ricardo Araújo Pereira, Pedro Mexia, João Miguel Tavares with the moderation of Carlos Vaz Marques in the "Governo Sombra" (previously broadcast on TVI and TSF radio) will premiere in January - the 10th - and will continue in TSF.

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