No, The Simpsons will not end this year

No, The Simpsons will not end this year

The news surprised the fans of the longest-running animation series in the world. The Simpsons theme writer said the show would be ending soon Al Jean, one of the screenwriters, debunked the rumors and said there no plans to end the series.

"From what I've heard, the show is coming to an end. I'm not sure, but I've heard this would be the last year," Danny Elfman said during a podcast.

Later, Al Jean told that rumors that the series is coming to an end are false. "We are producing season 32 starting next year and have no plans to end after that," he said. Al Jean has been part of The Simpsons team since 1992 and became the showrunner in 2001. He was also part of the team that made the Simpsons movie in 2007.

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