"Kizomba Show" unites Angolans and Namibians through radio waves

With 99 percent of the audience, the only Portuguese-language radio program in Namibia, has broken "language barriers" and united Angolans, Namibians and other peoples.

For more than 10 years, cultural relations between Angolan and Namibian citizens have been made closer through the radio program "Kizomba Show." Broadcasted weekly on Saturdays, from 10am to 3pm, in Portuguese, on "NJ 100." It is considered as the "meeting point" between Angolan citizens residing in the Republic of Namibia and across borders, through the Internet. In an atmosphere of typically Angolan musicality, to the sound of Dj Paulo, the broadcaster Isaías Dombele, popularly known as "MJ D'One," welcomes the vast audience, inviting them to follow the program and make their contribution in relation to the topic under analysis.

In response to O PAÍS, Mj D'one pointed out that besides playing the songs requested by the listeners, they select a theme to be approached during the program. The headlines that marked the week are read as well, both from the local press and in the Angolan press. This has attracted Namibian citizens who have become "faithful listeners" and participate in the programming in English and Oshivambo (local mother tongue).

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