"Game of Thrones" used "drone killers" to prevent information leaks

During the recordings of the eighth season of "Game of Thrones", HBO made use of devices known as "drone killers" to neutralize the meddlesome paparazzi.

Given that the final season of Gameof the Thrones is one of the most awaited events on television, HBO took no chances, and, since the premiere will only take place in 2019, it did everything to prevent information leaks ahead of time.

One of the measures involved giving false names to the actors in all scripts, just in case they are obtained by the press or computer hackers. But the other great strategy - this one worthy of 007 - was to keep the so-called "drone killers" at hand. These are portable devices that detect and neutralize any drone flying over the surroundings, forcing them to land and return to their owner.

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