Illustrator accuses Netflix of plagiarism in the animated series 'Super Drags'

Scene from the Netflix series 'Super Drags'

Scene from the Netflix series 'Super Drags'

  |  Ernnacost/Netflix

Illustrator and designer Wil Vasque, 46, accuses Netflix of plagiarizing a project of his own for the creation of the 'Super Drags' series, which premiered on the streaming platform on November 9.

According to Vasque, the series plagiarizes the plot of 'Drag Dragons', an animation created by him in 2010. On Saturday (Dec 22), Netflix confirmed that Super Drags "will not be renewed for a second season."

Days after the launch of the series on Netflix, Vasque, represented by lawyer Thiago Bueno, filed a lawsuit against the streaming company and asked for compensation.

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