Angolan actress conquest on television, theater and music project in Brazil

Heloísa Jorge

Heloísa Jorge

  |  D.R.

It can be said that Heloísa Jorge is everywhere and always with absolute prominence. On schedule as Gilda from "A Dona do Pedaço", a 9:00 pm soap opera from Tv Globo, the Angolan actress (based in Brazil since she was 10 years old) is back on stage this month.

To live Dona Ivone lara again (she is one of the three protagonists of the musical) in São Paulo season of the play. Heloísa is also in the ambitious project of Lázaro Ramos and Jarbas Bittencourt's "Journeys of the Magic Box", a children's play that has just won its album version, with fun songs about diversity, acceptance and blackness. Just a luxury. Heloísa is also in the feature film "The Hidden Subject", by Léo Falcão, with no set release date yet.

Recently, she also shone as a host of the "Yes to Racial Equality Award", singing and dancing, as well as presenting the representativeness party.

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