Nuno Gama's Collection: "living" statues in the Museum of Ancient Art

The pieces for next spring by fashion designer Nuno Gama were shown at the National Museum of Ancient Art in Lisbon as works of art

The mannequins were scattered on the floor dedicated to Portuguese painting and sculpture. The Saint Vincent Panels, which are on the third floor of the National Museum of Ancient Art (MNAA), were the main reason for Nuno Gama to choose the place to present his collection.

"I cannot explain to you very well, but there's this great energy when I get here. I've seen them so many times, I've fallen in love with them so many times," he shared with the journalists as dozens of people wandered through the rooms of the museum dedicated to Portuguese painting and sculpture, wherein the mannequins stood as if they were statues.

In addition to the panels, Nuno Gama also wanted to bring the press and the guests "to the best cultural register that exists in Portugal". "Ours, of our culture, I think that this was also important, to draw attention to the museum and the works, in some way," he said.

The 51st edition of ModaLisboa continues until Sunday, with fashion shows in the Carlos Lopes Pavilion, in the Eduardo VII Park.

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