"There was a tendency to make contemporary dance an elitism"

"There was a tendency to make contemporary dance an elitism"

Choreographer Panaibra Gabriel talks about the first artistic residence contemplated by the RIR - PALOP project, to be held in Maputo this August.

Choreographer Panaibra Gabriel was in Luanda at the end of July. In a stay of just over a week, he was able to hold the auditions that allowed the choice of two Angolan dancers to join the group that will fulfill the first artistic residency considered by the RIR - PALOP project, that will take place in Maputo this August.. In this exclusive interview with Jornal de Angola, Panaibra Gabriel suggests the creation of "a database of dance performers within the PALOP so that anyone can access and find information about a dancer or a company project".

So, what is this International Residential Network "RIR" project?
RIR-PALOP is a dance project that aims to develop an international network of residences in these countries. We intend to create this network focused on creative dance. However, the project is flexible to other areas of art, with those interested only to strengthen collaborative bonds in their productions. It may encompass visual artists, musicians, writers, performers and more, but the center will be dance. That is, the residences should deepen these research meetings and artistic creation.

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