The story of the Portuguese Jew who exchanged letters with Einstein

It was a well kept secret, until less than two months ago one of his family members discovered the correspondence in the archives of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. TSF tells the story of Joaquim Bensaúde.

"It is gratifying to realize that the good news of the Jewish achievements in Palestine are piquing your interest and being embraced by your distinguished family." The words, addressed to the historian and engineer Joaquim Bensaúde, were typed on May 25th of 1927 on a typewriter from a house in Berlin.

It was less than two months ago that José Oulman Carp was surprised to know who was the author of the letters addressed to his great uncle Joaquim Bensaúde. "I brought them from Jerusalem... This one, this one and this one." He puts them on the living room table and still shows amazement: "Curious, isn't it?"

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