Meridional Theater honored at FESTLIP in Rio

"As Centenárias" Play

The Meridional Theater, directed by Miguel Seabra and Natalia Luiza, will receive the honors of the 10th edition of FESTLIP - International Festival of Portuguese Language Arts

The FESTLIP schedule, which runs from Thursday to Sunday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will give focus to the play "As Centenárias" from Newton Moreno and staging done by Natalia Luiza, of the Meridional Theater. The Portuguese company will be honored at the 10th edition of FESTLIP - International Festival of Portuguese Language Arts, which will also include the performances "Sonoridade Poética", directed by Manuel Seabra, and the poetry recital "ELas" with Natália Luíza and Zézé Motta.

In the FESTLIP announcement regarding the Meridional Theater, it is said that it was founded in 1992, as the result of a new dramaturgy, highlighting its connection with the universe of lusophony. "Africa and Brazil appear frequently in the conception of their shows, which already had actors from Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola and Mozambique. Miguel Seabra (from Portugal) and Natalia Luiza (from Mozambique), founders and artistic directors of the Company, did not let concepts define the company as a Portuguese theater company. They have always been recognized by the multifaceted influence of all places that speak Portuguese. Their contribution to the artistic universe of these countries is recognized in all these societies. By proceeding according to the values of the FESTLIP platform, the Meridional Theater receives our honor", concludes the statement.