From Cuba to Leiria. The conservatory that prepares champions

During summer, the Conservatory of Annarella Sanchez receives more than 300 students for intensive courses to practice the Cuban ballet method.

They're all dressed up for rehearsals. The girls have their hair tied, they wear tights, tips and tutus. The boys wear shorts and sneakers. Students come from all over to the summer courses at the International Conservatory of Ballet and Dance Annarella Sánchez.

Catarina de Castro is from São Paulo in Brazil and came to Leiria to learn new steps and improve some others. After the summer, she is staying for another 12 months. She is 12 years old. "In fact, it suddenly changed my life. And my mother said: we are all going to Portugal". The family moved to Leiria so that Catarina could study at the conservatory. "I came with my mother, my brother, my father and my dog."

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