Roman galleries will become a museum. And open more times throughout the year

The ritual of going down the trapdoor to see the cryptoporticus, which is only possible twice a year, may have its days numbered. With the works in a nearby store, it will be possible to create an entrance that is accessible to all. And to visit it more often

Every time someone digs a hole in downtown Lisbon, archaeologists are there. "I don't always see things that way," City Mayor Fernando Medina says about the legal obligation to call these professionals whenever construction works are carried out in the Portuguese capital. But according to him, it was during the licensing of works in a downtown building "that the idea of creating an entrance to the cryptoporticus [on Rua da Conceição] was born."

The trapdoor leading to the Roman galleries - which were (re) discovered after the 1755 earthquake - opens only twice a year (usually in late April and early September) but the City Council wants to create an entrance that is accessible to all and an interpretive center.

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