Neither Alexander's body nor a curse was found: the mystery of the black sarcophagus was now unraveled

The huge 30-ton black granite sarcophagus, sealed over two thousand years ago was discovered in Alexandria earlier this month.

The mystery was huge. After all, it was the discovery of a huge 30-ton black granite sarcophagus, sealed more than two thousand years ago. The tomb was found earlier this month in the city of Alexandria, Egypt, and speculation soon arose. It was suspected that it might contain Alexander the Great's much sought-after remains, the Great, or even a mortal curse.

The sarcophagus "hid", however, three skeletons wrapped in dirty water, most likely of sewage, and a foul smell. The grave contained a crevice and was situated in the vicinity of a sewer. Unfortunately, the water accelerated the decomposition process of the remains.

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