South Africa's own Pavarotti is an Uber driver

Menzi, 27, was filmed by a passenger while he was singing opera, and the video has gone viral. He is recording a single and has many open doors ahead of him for a career as a tenor

A young South African Uber driver, Menzi Mngoma, 27, had a habit of singing arias of famous operas for his passengers. One day, a client filmed him singing "La donna è mobile" by Verdi and published the video on Facebook. It was in May. Since then, the video has become viral, has had more than 660.000 views and has changed the life of Menzi, who now has a tenor career ahead of him at the South African Opera, according to the BBC website.

At the moment, the Uber driver is recording a single, he auditioned for the Cape Town Opera House and was invited to perform at the Second Annual Author Prize Gala in Johannesburg on July 31. He has also been invited to enter the international opera competition "Voices of South Africa", which will take place in Cape Town from the 18th to the 28th July.

The red carpet of fame would not have been possible without the intervention of Kim Davey, Uber's passenger who filmed the driver singing opera while traveling from the coastal city of Durban to Johannesburg. "I shuddered. I did not want to believe that a man with this natural talent would miss an opportunity of using it," Kim said. "He was forced to become a Uber driver to support his family because there are not many opportunities for singers like him in South Africa," he added.

Kim Davey asked for permission from Menzi to put his video singing on Facebook but was far from imagining the impact of that gesture. "I had no idea it could become viral. From then on, things happened very quickly."

Menzi already has one foot in the internationalization: "I'm going to perform at a talent contest in Los Angeles, United States, in December. I feel a special person. I'm not just a simple Uber driver anymore."

The director of the Cape Town Opera was the first to listen to Menzi Mngoma in the Facebook video. He was impressed. "He has a beautiful tenor voice," said Conrad Cupid, who wants to approach the young man about his plans and ambitions at the end of July. Next year Mngoma will be part of the official program of the Cape Town Opera House. The world is waiting to see him.

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