Salvador Sobral faced Brel, "the guy who is a work of art"

Salvador Sobral at the CCB

Salvador Sobral at the CCB

  |  Joaquim Galante

Two years ago, Salvador Sobral heard about a Belgian singer which people said that resembled him when they heard him sing, and Salvador decided to listen to his work. Two years later, the ' Salvador Sobral Sings Brel ' show was born, which premiered yesterday at the CCB.

Salvador Sobral did not receive, in any of the songs he performed on the stage of the Grand Auditorium of the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), the 15 minutes of applause that his new idol, Jacques Brel, received when he first introduced Amsterdam several decades ago. 15 minutes is not an easy thing for any singer, even if some of the songs received a lot of applause and ' La Chanson des Vieux Amants ' received a huge ovation , because it was one of the most tailored moments for the audience that completely filled the room and that the singer tried to seduce almost to exhaustion.

Almost, because Salvador Sobral did not want to copy Brel and made his version of the hits that - as everybody knows - only the Belgian singer could interpret. Not being an imitator, despite presenting himself with an exceptional French pronunciation for someone who's 30 years old and born at the time of English speaking, Sobral gave in to his jazz training whenever he could. Nothing that would disappoint an audience in which the longing fans of Brel and those of the Eurovision hero mingled. The audience frantically applauded whenever the singer finished one of the 18 themes that he interpreted this Friday at CCB and will take today to Casa da Música in Porto and on Monday to Aveiro.

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