Radiohead leader calls right-wing politicians of clowns on album release

Thom Yorke, Radiohead vocalist

Thom Yorke, Radiohead vocalist

  |  Reuters

Thom Yorke reveals a more dancing face in 'Anima', his third solo album.

In thousands of posters and projections scattered throughout the world, the technology company Anima promises to create a camera of the dreams, able to record those moments of total freedom you live while you sleep, but soon forget when you wake up. The problem is that when you call the announced number, you hear a bizarre voice saying that Anima closed and gave up, by order of the Supreme Court. That is how Thom Yorke, leader of the beloved British band Radiohead, last week, including in São Paulo, promoted his third solo album.

Even inspired by the anxiety of contemporary life, the album "Anima" reveals a more dancing and even optimistic face of Yorke, the king of melancholy. Moreover, "Anima" is motivated by improvisation and the reflexes of the emergence of the extreme right in the world.

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