Miroca Paris: "Madonna is a big fan of Cesária Évora"

Madonna and Miroca Paris

Madonna and Miroca Paris

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The Cape Verdean percussionist from Madonna takes advantage of his visit to Lisbon to present his first solo album, D'Alma, which marks a return to the more traditional rhythms of his native country.

It has been over two decades since Miroca Paris arrived in Lisbon, from the island of São Vicente, to study at the Hot Club school. He was only 19 years old and almost immediately started playing in bars and accompanying artists such as Sara Tavares or uncle Tito Paris. In 2000, an unexpected invitation to join, as percussionist, Cesária Évora's band changed his destiny.

He would remain with the "Barefoot Diva" until her death, 11 years later, then starting a prolific career as a studio and stage musician, which would lead him to collaborate with "almost 200 artists" of various nationalities.

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