"Tito Paris conditioned the concert to the payment of the previous presentations"

Tito Paris

Who says it is the responsible of the producer Grandes Mundos, who was responsible for bringing the musician to Angola for three shows: the last one did not happened

The problem involves the musician Tito Paris, the producer Grandes Mundos and the project Stage of the Semba. This last made public a document in which he blamed the producer "Grandes Mundos" for the damages caused by the absence of the musician Tito Paris in the last edition of the Semba Stage project, scheduled for last Sunday, 7th, at the Jango of the Union of Angolan Writers. On the other hand, Renato de Menezes, contacted by this newspaper, explained that the reasons that led to the third concert did not happen, nothing has to do with a payment default, but it was a blackmail of the musician, who demanded the payments of the previous presentations under penalty of not appearing in the third.

"Tito Paris came to Angola for a tour of Peace, a co-production of the Grandes Mundos and theirs assistance. Initially he would perform four shows, one of which in the city of Benguela, which was not possible and then we stayed for three ", said Renato de Menezes. "So he performed in Talatona and Viana, but these concerts did not yield what was expected from the box office and our partners did not honor some commitments, and for that reason, the musician had not yet been paid," he says. However, he says, the third concert was scheduled for Sunday.

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