"I don't want to hear Mick Jagger singing 'Malhão' or Bob Dylan 'Tenho dois amores'"


"Every day a fadista is born, but not everyone is fadista", says one of the biggest performers of fado in Portugal in this great interview. The history of Camané, past, present and future.

Less than a week ago, Camané took the Gulbenkian stage and, accompanied by the foundation's symphony orchestra and the accompanying guitarists, demonstrated why he is considered to be one of the leading Portuguese singers. For almost two hours, an exceptional repertoire paraded and forced the more than a thousand people who filled the great auditorium to stand and ask him to return to the stage half a dozen times. A performance and a voice that leaves no one indifferent, from north to south of the country and in frequent trips abroad.

During this conversation, Camané sang in French, recalled his activist youth in relation to fado and commented on the burst of new fadistas in few words: "Every day a fadista is born, but not everyone is fadista." Or: "There are new people with a huge talent and others who are in fado just to be famous."

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