Benjamin Clementine back to where he is happy

Benjamin Clementine starts today in Coimbra tour through Portugalho

British musician and singer Benjamin Clementine is returning to Portugal for a tour of seven concerts, almost all sold out

Clementine is accompanied by his "his Parisian string quintet". It's been four years since the debut of Benjamim Clementine in Portugal at the Super Rock festival, where he played in the late afternoon, on the secondary stage. There began an intense love story between the British musician and singer and the Portuguese public, even though most of them have a better memory of the concert he would give that same year at Coliseu dos Recreios, in Lisbon, in Mexefest.

There were no lack of adjectives the time to qualify this moment, which brought to tears so many of those present. Since then, there have been many occasions where he has performed here - in his own name, in festivals, accompanied by a band or in more intimate moments - but in all of them there was the same feeling of being living something unique and unrepeatable, as it happens when we fall in love.

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