Franco's influence on the sound of Angolan Popular Music

Congolese guitarist Franco had a lot of influence on the sound of Angolan music

Congolese guitarist Franco had a lot of influence on the sound of Angolan music

  |  Jornal de Angola

The process of formation of Angolan Popular Music was not linear, in the sense of the musical heritage and the techniques of execution of Western musical instruments, the influence of African guitarists, and, in this case, the impact of the rumba from the Democratic Republic of Congo, associated with the guitar sound of Franco Luambo Luanzo Makiadi.

The guitars of Zé Keno of Jovens do Prenda, Duia, Gingas, Teddy Nsingui, Banda Movimento, Botto Trindade, Banda Welwitchia, Hidelbrando Cunha, Kiezos, Zé Mueleputo, and especially Marito Arcanjo, one of the founders of the "Kiezos", directly acknowledge the influence of TP OK's Franco guitar sound. Jazz.
On the influence, prestige and universality of Franco's music and absorption in the sound of Angolan Popular Music, we will highlight three moments, a case study with the theme "Ngana Zambi", by "Kiezos" ensemble, Franco's influence on Teddy Nsingui's guitar and, finally, the oldest and most emblematic case of proximity of Angolan Popular Music to that of the Democratic Congo, represented by Grupo São Salvador of Manuel de Oliveira.
"Kiezos" ensemble has been building a unique musical trajectory throughout the history of Angolan Popular Music, based on a very own rhythmic and stylistic construction, only possible through the unbreakable unity of the group and the harmonies of the guitar solos of Marito Arcanjo. clearly influenced by the hit charts of the colonial era and the music of Franco.

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