Digital already represents 98% of the music consumption in Brazil, says a study

The duo Jorge and Mateus

The duo Jorge and Mateus

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After a decade of decline, the Brazilian market has recovered thanks to this segment.

The sales of music in digital format, whether in streaming or via download, already represent 98% of the income of the segment in Brazil, shows a balance of the phonographic sector, released on the morning of this Pro-Music, association of national producers.

The revenue of this sector in 2018, according to the survey, reached US $ 216 million (R $ 832 million). The good performance helps the phonographic music market in its recovery, after facing a decade of shrinkage, to 2015.

If we consider the total of the segment, which in addition to the consumption also includes the collection of copyright with public presentations, cinema and advertising, digital music represents 72% of the Brazilian market.

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