Premium Music festival sponsors rake in 91 million in 8 months

Music festival sponsors rake in 91 million in 8 months

Gonçalo Delgado/Global Imagens

This year, the top brands associated with summer music festivals have earned an estimated 91 million euros in return. More than just sponsorship or name-buying, investing in a summer festival entails a sort of 'marriage' with its organizer, generating profits for everyone involved in this fast-growing, secrecy-clause-protected millionaire business.

The financial return for brands is assessed by the media of the event. The more it appears in the media and now also on social media, the more profitable it will be for those investing in it.

The Marktest Group's Media Monitor has evaluated the return of the brands that invest in these festivals and concluded that the top 15 brands alone totaled nearly 100 million euros. The top 5 are Nos, Meo, Vodafone, Super Bock and EDP, all with an accumulated financial return above ten million. In the case of Nos, which is the namesake of two festivals (Nos Alive and Nos Primavera Sound), this figure exceeds 20 million.

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