Work of the Cape Verdean poet Arménio Vieira will be celebrated in a festival

Arménio Vieira

Arménio Vieira was the first Cape Verdean to receive the Camões Prize. His work will be celebrated during the International Poetry Festival of Mindelo 2019 - Txon-Poesia

The festival begins Thursday on São Vicente's island in Cape Verde. This "festival of the word", as defined by the Txon-Poesia Association, which promotes the event, aims to be a "privileged space for socializing and sharing poetry, in a transdisciplinary, intercultural and participatory perspective".

To do this, there will be launches and sales of books, talks, performances, concerts, exhibitions, workshops and movies, among other activities.

The purpose of this festival is to strengthen the bonds that unite the participants to the communities and to the contemporary world through "activities that expose the connection of the word with the other artistic areas, integrating the Creole, Portuguese and the Galician languages into an intercultural exchange".

This edition of the festival will celebrate the word and the work of Arménio Vieira, who is a "fundamental writer of the Cape Verdean literatura" and the first Cape Verdean to receive the Camões Prize.

"Journalist, teacher and compulsive chess player, he is known in the literary circle by Count de Silvenius. The only movement that he follows comes from inside himself and is called poetry which, he emphasizes, is great literature," recalls the organization of the event.

The festival takes place between Thursday and Sunday in Mindelo (island of São Vicente) and returns on Monday and Tuesday in Paul (island of Santo Antão).