"There's no movie with Bruna Surfistinha or Jair Bolsonaro," says president

The president said he would "seek the extinction" of the National Film Agency after being informed that a film about his trajectory to the presidency had support from the agency in order to raise funds.

"After this movie making announcement with public money about me, Ancine gained another FO+, right? The Positive Observed Fact: we are going to get Ancine's extinction. There is nothing that the government has to do with making a movie. If there is a private company making a movie, there is no problem, but the State will stop funding it there, "he said during his weekly broadcast on his Facebook page.

The president has been criticizing the agency since last week, when he announced the move of the board of directors from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia, but said today he has no power to interfere in positions, which are elective and fulfill mandate. At the time, he used the movie "Bruna Surfistinha" as an example of wasting public money.

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