State assumes that it lost 170 works of art to its guard

The painter Vieira da Silva with Mário Soares. Among the pieces of the SEC Collection the former president ordered to gather and which are now missing were those of the painter

The destiny of the art collections are in the order of the day in Portugal. This time it is the state to assume that it does not know the location of dozens of art works that David Mourão-Ferreira gave order to gather in 1976.

The General Directorate of Cultural Heritage (DGPC) confirmed to the DN that it has finished the work of updating the inventory of the Collection State Secretariat of Culture (SEC Collection) and that it is "identifying the exact location of some works of art". It is the answer to the news of the weekly Expresso that reveals that the State lost the track to 170 works of art of this collection of the Portuguese State.

The DGPC comment does not clarify whether these pieces can be recovered, on the contrary the statement that "this work of inventory is concluded" indicates that recovery will be very difficult. This is what can be concluded from the response in which he reaffirms that "at the moment" what is "being developed by the DGPC is a work of updating the inventory".

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