Sagrada Família Cathedral receives construction license... 137 years after the first stone was laid down

Under construction for more than a century in Barcelona, the cathedral imagined by Gaudi has, for the first time, received a license, which is valid for the next seven years. The plan is to finish it in time for the centenary of the death of its creator.

Visited annually by 4.5 million people, watched, admired and photographed by many more who go to that neighborhood in Barcelona just to contemplate the spectacle of the "symphony in stone," as someone called it, the cathedral imagined by Antoni Gaudi received its first building permit on Friday.

The legal document, which will be valid for the next seven years, and which will represent a contribution of 4.6 million euros in the same period, paid by the foundation responsible for the construction and conservation of the Sagrada Família, represents a decisive step for the completion of the cathedral within the planned time.

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