Portuguese on the podium in photo competition in Dubai

Ana Filipa Scarpa / Portugal

The Portuguese photographer Ana Filipa Garin Scarpa won the second place of the HIPA 2019prize in the category General - "Black and White". "It was one of the best moments of my life," said Filipa Scarpa to the Plataforma in a first reaction to the prize.

What does this prize mean and how do you feel?

Ana Filipa Scarpa (AFS) - It was one of the best moments of my life. The importance of this prize is reflected in all the pomp that was not even imagined possible at a photo awards ceremony. I am so honored and grateful for this prize that thinking about it makes me shiver. So many pictures are just so good, and still mine is the selected one. It is hard to believe! A happiness that can be perceived just by looking at me.

She went to Dubai to receive the distinction. How did it go?

AFS - From the first moment I got the news I went to the moon and I was there until yesterday. I was treated like a princess. For HIPA nothing else is important than the winners. And you see, the Arabs do not play games. A confidence: I do not travel by plane or take a lift and to see how important this prize was, I traveled 16 hours by plane and I must have been on the elevator more these days than in the last 15 years. I had to go. And I went.

- Little was said in Portugal about this distinction...

AFS: Nothing really was said here. I am the first Portuguese and nothing. I emphasize the fact that I was a woman to win in a still very male-dominated photographic world. Among the 20 winners, there are only two women.

"Hamdan International Photography Award"

The Hamdan International Photography Award (HIPA) - literally the Hamdan International Photography Prize - is held in Dubai and was created in 2011, under the patronage of Crown Prince Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum.