Portuguese cartoonist selected for international exhibition

"Not so good bye"

"Not so good bye", originally published in the newspaper Expresso in Portugal, is among the 49 selected to join the "Brexit - The Cartoons" show.

The Portuguese cartoonist based in Macau Rodrigo de Matos was one of those chosen to participate in an international exhibition about Brexit, which opens today in the city of Schwaebisch Hall, where it will be until the end of April, and after that will be touring during this year in Germany.

In the midst of over 1,000 entries from 58 countries or regions around the world, Rodrigo de Matos was finally selected for "Brexit - The Cartoons". The image chosen shows the hole that English Prime Minister Theresa May has been digging through the process of leaving the European Union after the referendum of 2016. "What she does not know is that she's on a cliff, about to fall. Duriing this process, it ends up burying the other EU countries, "explained the cartoonist to the Media Plataforma.

"This is a fairly obvious allegory to the current situation, with the Brexit negotiations are dragging on, with negative consequences not only for the UK, but also for the rest of Europe. Ultimately, the biggest loser will end up being the British people, you can also read from there", also mentioned the Portuguese.

Rodrigo also points out that "Brexit - The Cartoons" is probably "one of the most interesting cartoons exhibitions this year, worldwide". And recalls the participation of heavyweights in the show. "There will be big names like KAL, The Economist, or Ramses Morales Izquierdo, who regularly visits Courrier International, among others. It's very cool to be in their midst".

The Portuguese cartoonist also left on the air the desire to go to Germany during the year to attend one of the exhibitions.

The organization, in the person of Guido Kuhn, said in a statement that "it was very difficult to choose the winners, since the overall quality of the cartoons was high." "At the same time, choosing everyone was not an option," it can be read.

Organized by the Union of World Cartoonists and the Goethe Institut, the exhibition of 49 works by 31 artists will also be in Munich, Mannheim, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Dresden, Bremen, Bonn and Berlin.