Paraty has 'airbnbíndio' and receives different ethnicities of the country on the second day of Flip

Indian Pataxó Tamikuã, 51, a native of Bahia, is selling handicrafts in Paraty to show the culture of her people during Flip

Members of the Pataxós and Guarani participate in the literary festival selling handicrafts

Sitting on a step in front of the Church of Our Lady and St. Benedict, built 294 years ago in Paraty, the Pataxó Tamikuã, 51, showed the art of her people to tourists of different accents interested in headdresses (R $ 250) and necklaces (starting at $ 30).

His accent was also different: Tamikuã comes from the south of Bahia, from the village of Barra Velha - in the region where Pascoal mount is located.

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