National Museum director says reconstruction works will begin this year

National Museum director Alexander Kellner announced the signing of a protocol at the Republic Museum

Reconstruction works at the National Museum will begin this year. The promise was made on Tuesday (May 14) by the director of the institution, Alexandre Kellner, during the signing of a technical-scientific cooperation agreement with the Brazilian Museums Institute (Ibram). The museum, connected to the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), was ravaged by a fire on September 2, 2018.

"The works will begin this year. We have R$1 million for the project of rebuilding the facades and the roof. Within this context, the UFRJ has already held the tender, the company has already been hired, and we have a parliamentary amendment, through the Rio de Janeiro federal bench, worth R$55 million. We have the money, we have the project, now we just need to start the works. This is a promise: the National Museum reconstruction works will start this year," said Kellner, standing next to Ibram President Paulo Amaral.

Kellner said that the works carried out so far focused on shoring and partial roofing repairs, using a R$10 million fund granted by the Ministry of Education. "By December we will have scaffolds and people working. Not for cleaning. For doing the reconstruction works. We will actually rebuild the facade," he said.

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