Iza says Women's Day rekindles debates: 'Being on magazine cover does not mean racism is over'

The singer Iza

In an interview, the singer talks about fighting, maternity and empowerment

It has not been that long since 2017. But if we use Iza as a reference, it was a leap. That year, she became famous nationally with the hit "Pesadão," that already spoke of her strength in excerpts like "I know that they will try to destroy me, but I am going to reconstruct myself, to come back stronger than before".

The following year, with sweeter but more empowered lyrics, "Dona de Mim" was one of the greatest hits of the singer's career. The name of the song is self-explanatory and Iza, in fact, owns herself.

In an interview with Folha, she talks about Women's Day, which takes place on Friday (8), in addition to topics such as racism, empowerment and the daily challenges still faced by women.

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