Cremilda Medina launches music video for "Berço d'Morabeza"

Cremilda Medina

It's the latest single from the Cape Verdean singer's latest album and it's a samba that must be listened to during this Carnival season.

In the carnival season, Cape Verdean singer Cremilda Medina has just released the music video "Berço d'Morabeza", a samba composed by João Carlos Silva and Anísio Rodrigues, featured in the album "Folclore", finished in late 2017.

The track, which is a tribute to the island where she was born, São Vicente, is the fifth single extracted from the singer's last album, after "Raio de Sol", "Sou Crioula", "Dream of a Criola" and "Anjo di Mar". It arrives just in time to bring more color and joy to the King Momo's feast.

Cremilda Medina who has already recorded with Tito Paris in a duet which will be part of her next record, recently mentioned to the Cape Verdean press that "the music video was due a long time ago, so we thought that now would be the right time to release it, so we can also give a little more sparkle to our Carnival."

The singer is part of the new generation of Cape Verde's popular/traditional music, carrying forward the essence of the music from the archipelago, spread worldwide through the voices of Cesária Évora, Bana, Ildo Lobo, Tito Paris, Paulino Vieira, among so many others.

The album "Floclore", where Cremilda Medina explores the morna and the coladeira, as well samba and Fado, has earned her the best national and international reviews, such as the "Best World Music" award in the USA, "Best Morna" too, and the Sapo Award for two consecutive years in Cape Verde. The video is produced by Kriolscope.