In the land of Jorge Amado, Portugal and Brazil discussed the Portuguese Language

After gastronomy and music, the Festival of the Portuguese Language (FELPO) ended with a literary event that was followed by TSF.

In the Brazilian city of Salvador, in the state of Bahia, the last day of the Portuguese Language Festival (FELPO), which TSF followed for three days, was dedicated to Portuguese literature. There was an initiative that aimed at book sharing and a debate with writers.

On the stage set up in Praça da Mariquita, in the city that celebrates Jorge Amado, Ricardo Viel, journalist, author and communication director of the José Saramago Foundation, Itamar Vieira Júnior, the writer from Bahia who won the LeYa Prize 2018 with the book "Torto Arado"; and Sérgio Rodrigues, journalist, writer, literary critic and author of "Viva a Língua Brasileira!"were all together for a talk.

For almost an hour, they talked about the imitations and possibilities of the Portuguese language, but also about what remains to be done to promote the language and culture in the various countries where Portuguese is spoken.

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