"The 'penis bottle' won the elections in Brazil"

Wagner Moura

Wagner Moura

In an interview, Wagner Moura argues that fake news won the elections in Brazil and claims he is being the victim of a smear campaign orchestrated by "mediocre" right-wing militants.

The actor from 'Tropa de Elite' and 'Narcos' and director of 'Marighella' was interviewed by UOL during the Berlin Festival and didn't mince his words. Wagner Moura talked about 'Marighella' but also - and a lot - about the current political situation in Brazil.

"Who won the elections in Brazil? You can't blame it all on the mistakes of the left. Things like the 'penis bottle'. The 'penis bottle' won the elections in Brazil! And we're not just talking about Brazil: I've read that Donald Trump lies 11 times a day. We live in an era in which truth doesn't matter. It doesn't matter! Whatever they [the far right] do - saying that I'm a junkie, or that the left was handing out 'penis bottles' - it works."

Wagner Moura was referring to the fake stories, allegedly disseminated by Bolsonaro's campaign, according to which baby bottles with penis-shaped beaks were being distributed in schools and daycare centers by order of the Workers' Party and Fernando Haddad.

As for the allegation that artists are being attacked by Brazil's conservative government, Wagner Moura told UOL: "Do you think Bolsonaro has ever read a book? Honestly, has he ever been to a theater? No! It doesn't matter to these people, and they don't want these narratives to circulate. [My] movie is going to be one of the first Brazilian cultural products openly against this group that seized power - democratically, I must say. But my movie is not a reply to Bolsonaro. Honestly, it is much bigger than Bolsonaro."

According to the director, 'Marighella' - a movie about the ANL, a Brazilian left-wing guerrilla, which was recently premiered at the Berlin Film Festival - suffered a "financial boycott." "No one wanted to give this movie any money. It will be extremely difficult to release it. I expect people throwing shit at the screen, booing the movie, physical assaults."