The next 007 is going to be a black woman

In recent years, the debate over what changes should be made to the role of James Bond, in the film franchise whose 25th episode is being filmed, has caused a lot of debate and now the first concrete news arrive.

According to the newspaper Mail on Sunday, code name 007 will be given to actress Lashana Lynch, the pilot Maria Rambeau, of Capitan Marvel. However, according to the same newspaper, the character of Lynch will not be called Bond. As the actress had announced on Instagram, without giving more details, she will play the role of Nomi.

James Bond, still Daniel Craig, is urgently called from the retirement he is enjoying in Jamaica, according to the second production source, currently filming the 25th film between Italy and the UK. However, in a scene classified as "popcorn dropper," character M asks 007 to enter the room and it is revealed to the public that the spy's iconic 007 code name was attributed to the character of Lashana Lynch. "Bond remains Bond, but is replaced as 007 by this gorgeous woman," explains the source.

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