Robert De Niro of harassment and discrimination by ex-employee

Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro

  |   REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/File Photo

A former employee has accused Robert De Niro of verbal abuse, inappropriate behavior and gender discrimination; the allegation is a reaction to a lawsuit in which the actor's company has accused her of charging hundreds of thousands of dollars of personal expenses on her corporate credit card.

Graham Chase Robinson says that De Niro subjected her to "unwanted physical contact," that he repeatedly made offensive comments about her, and that she was forced to take on household tasks which were not demanded from male employees.

Among other things, the former employee says the actor forced her to scratch his back, button his shirts, or do his laundry.

According to the allegations contained in the lawsuit, which has been filed in a federal court in New York, Robinson also said that De Niro paid her less than her colleagues, despite having greater responsibilities.

Robinson is claiming at least €11 million in lost wages and damages.

The lawsuit comes after the actor's company, Canal Productions, accused the former employee of having spent the company's money on personal expenses and spending much of her time watching television shows.

Among other things, the company claims Robinson used her corporate credit card to pay about €11,000 in restaurants and €29,000 in taxi and Uber trips.

Canal Productions claims €5.5 million in compensation and describes the woman as an employee who abused the company's trust for her personal benefit.