Premium China lifts restrictions and supports cinema of Hong Kong and Macau

China has lifted restrictions and will now support the film industry of Macau and Hong Kong, the government of Macau reported today.

Macau "welcomes this initiative with satisfaction and with the conviction that it will encourage bilateral cooperation, opening space for sector development, benefiting film production and stimulating the proper diversification of the economy" of the territory, said in a statement, the Spokesperson Cabinet of the Government.

The measures include the cancellation of numerical limits on the participation of Hong Kong and Macau residents in Chinese productions and the cancellation of restrictions on Chinese-related elements in co-productions with these two territories.

Beijing also allows "Hong Kong and Macau works and cinema professionals to enter into the stages of national team for prizes from inland China, such as Huabiao, Golden Rooster, Hundred Flowers," as well as companies from both territories "request support for the dissemination of The Chinese works of excellence, whether in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, or abroad, "according to the same note.

For the Government of the Macau Special Administrative Region (MSAR), these measures will exert "a major positive effect on the training of human resources and production of local films."

In the future, the works and actors of Macau are expected to have even more space in China, since it is a "huge opportunity for the development of the cultural industries of the RAEM ", according to the authorities.

"By exploring their potential to produce creative works, it is hoped that such companies will be able to enter the Chinese market and move to the international markets, writing a beautiful chapter in the history of local cinema," said the MacauGovernment.